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Posted by Jennifer Plyler
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What is Worship to a Child?

To a child, worship may mean:

* The place where the pastor preaches;

* An activity that only adults can enjoy; 

* A long time to sit still and be quiet

A child's negative experiences may block the development of positive attitudes toward worshiping God. Since the attitudes formed early in life may impact the rest of life, the hope of parents and of church leaders is for children to see worship as the following:

* A special place where everyone, including children, can enjoy the color, movememnt, music, beauty, and awe of worshiping God; 

* The special actions of singing, praying, giving, reading the Bible, and learning about Jesus;

* A special time to be with family and friends who love God;

* The positive feelings of belonging, loving, giving, and sharing.

How can the adults make worship meaningful to children?

*Pay attention to children. Greet the children and call them by name

*Ignore the small distractions

* Recognize the presence and participation of children in the service

* Embrace the fact that the spiritual nurture of children is a responsibility of the entire church

Jennifer Plyler

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