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Posted by Jennifer Plyler
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Worship Begins in the Home

Children learn to worship God from family members who show love for God as they rest, dress, eat, travel, and engage in other daily routines (Deuteronomy 6:7). Consider the following as opportunities for worship moments:

1. Encourage your child(ren) to say a thank-you prayer at mealtime or anytime. 

2. Thank God for the beauty you and your child(ren) enjoy outside. Talk about the color of the blue sky, the smell of the flowers, or the splash of rain. 

3. Sing simple songs such as "Jesus Loves Me", "This Little Light of Mine", or listen to Christian artist or radio. 

4. Involove your child(ren) in family devotion times by encouraging her or him to hold the Bible, sing a song, or say a prayer. 

Getting Ready for Church

You set the stage at home for your child's good experiences during a Sunday workship service. Your positive conversation about God, prayers at mealtimes, and reading the Bible together are important ways to worship God in your home. 

In addition to these daily actions, make specific plans on Saturday to prepare your child ahead of time for your worship experience. 

1. Talk to your child as you anticipate Sunday's worship service. For example, say: "I'm glad you will sit with me during the worship service tomorrow..." or "Tomorrow is a special day. We are going to church."

2. Explain various aspects of the church service, such as the greeting of visitors, offering time, and special music segments. You might say, "Giving our offering is one way we worship God." 

3. Make sure you child gets enough sleep on Saturday night. 

The night before is a good time to make decisions about clothes to wear. Church services are more likely to be a time of celebration and worship when you get ready in these ways:

1. Get up early so your family is not rushed. 

2. Start the day with a prayer for your family and your church.

3. Provide a nourshing breakfast. (Donuts are okay) :)

4. Share tasks so everyone helps with getting ready.

5. Stay calm and pleasant.

6. Enjoy travel time to church as an opportunity for positive, loving conversations. 

Jennifer Plyler

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